Criamos e produzimos música e som para projetos audiovisuais

We produce music and sound design for films and series. 

Nos últimos anos recebemos diversos prêmios e destaques na crítica nacional e internacional. Prêmios como o Candango de Melhor Som no 49º Festival de Brasília, três Kikitos no Festival de Gramado, Melhor Som no 23o Prêmio Guarani de Cinema Brasileiro e na BIS - Bienal Internacional do Cinema Sonoro.

In recent years, we've been graced with a series of awards and highlights from the international critic.

A good example is the CICAE award for Hard Paint received at the Berlinale: "The story is not only magnified by the film’s photographic quality but also by its sound design and score that give high cinematographic value to the universal themes of identity in modern day urban jungle with the powerful performance by Shico Menegat. These are some of the aspects the jury believes will draw audiences to arthouse cinemas throughout the world." 

Or in the Screen International's critics for In The Heart Of World, received during IFF Rotterdam: "Key to the film’s cluttered and restless atmosphere is its excellent sound design. There is almost always sound bleeding into the picture from outside the frame. The hubbub of voices and vehicles, constantly jostling for attention, underlines a central theme of the film – that these are lives so closely intertwined that it’s hard to pick them apart."

Rita acred_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Rita Zart fundou a Gogó em 2006.

É compositora, diretora e supervisora musical. Também é cantora e locutora.

Responsável pelas trilhas sonoras originas e por casting de voz.

Rita is our music supervisor. She's also a great singer and voice talent, responsible for original score, music supervision and voice casting. 



tiago jelfie_edited_edited.jpg

Tiago Bello é supervisor de edição de som, sound designer e mixador.

Responsável pela pós-produção de som dos filmes e demais conteúdos.

Supervising sound editor, sound designer and re-recording mixer, Tiago is responsible for the sound post-production of films and other contents. 



foto marcos_edited_edited.jpg

Marcos Lopes é técnico de som direto e sound designer.

Marcos faz a conexão entre o set e a pós. Responsável pelo som direto.

Marcos is a production sound mixer and sound designer. He answers for sound recording during production.



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